Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nail of the Week - Hunger Games Inspired Nails!

I saw nails similar to this online and I decided I'd try my hand at it.

This is the look I created. It wasn't photographing well :\ but you get the idea!

This is Smoke and Ashes by China Glaze. This was created to represent District Twelve's mining.

It's black based and there are flecks of green glitter on top. Very hard to photograph, but the first picture kinda shows some of the more green parts of it.

And here, again, is the final look. I used Electrify by China Glaze, created to represent District Five's power. I used it to add to the fire look! It looks a lot better in person, trust me! I wore it today and got a lot of compliments (: I hope you all try a Hunger Games inspired look!

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